Seeing and hearing how Nutritional Therapy has helped my clients is what motivates me day in, day out.

Professional and knowledgable approach

My story was quite simple and not unusual for someone my age, I smoked, I was over weight and and had a stressful Civil Service job in London, BMI 32 and 192 pounds. All was ok, I exercised enough to fool myself about my unhealthy and invincible life style, we are a long living family with good genes, so all fine.

It surprised me how wrong I was, luckily for me I walked into a London heart hospital not feeling well and was immediately taken to surgery for a heart operation. That was 7 years ago, I have now lost 25 pounds, I exercise, eat well and take my tablets, oh and I resigned from my job.

So what is the problem, well I had developed diabetes because of the statins and had a slight abnormal liver function, (which is normal with statins) and I was feeling tired so searching the internet I discovered that although I was eating well, was it really a healthy diet? I decided that I wanted to go on a very low calorie diet as they are all the rage to reverse diabetes.

Fortunately I found SOMETHING ON A PLATE in Shrewsbury. After a very thorough consultation in which I supplied all of my blood tests and cardiology tests Charlotte said she would help me as long as I stuck to a plan she developed.She produced a very comprehensive diet plan and prescribed some supplements, and I maintain the exercise as I have a treadmill and other equipment at home.

Six months later I am down to 157 pounds, my sugar levels are so much into the normal range that my doctor has agreed that the diabetes has reversed, liver function greatly improved, cholesterol down to 2.2 and blood pressure reduced.

I have another check in 4 months to confirm the results. I have boundless energy and the tiredness has gone. I have a goal to reach a BMI of 24 so I am still taking advice from Something on a Plate. Charlotte has a very professional and knowledgeable approach to nutritional matters, she designs a specialised plan which can be amended if she thinks fit to help you achieve your goals and, with your own motivation, maintain. I have discovered new healthy foods and changed my way of life. So it is not just reading a book or magazine on health and diet, I have learned we are all different so require individual expert help from a Nutritional Therapist and my luck was going to see Charlotte at SomeThing On A Plate.

Chris, Shropshire, 2018

A great listener

Having been through a stressful couple of years in which I ‘coped’ by turning to crisps, snacks and wine and eating very badly in general I realised I needed some professional help to make sense of all the, often conflicting, information around regarding health and well-being.

I am so happy I found Charlotte to help with that process!

A great listener, Charlotte was able to make sense of the various symptoms I’d been experiencing and pull together a fantastic holistic plan to address issues around re gaining energy, reducing stress, sleep difficulties and improving my overall health.

Taking into account my likes and dislikes Charlotte came up with a great meal plan with lots of lovely recipes and suggestions. A couple of simple tweaks to my routine initially made a huge difference and now I’m fully immersed in my new healthier eating regime I feel like a new woman! Thank you Charlotte. Highly recommended.

Jo, Shrewsbury, 2018

Delicate and sensitive style

My work with Charlotte has made a tangible difference to my life in just 3 months. I am recovering from an eating disorder and depression, and her delicate and sensitive style made it easy to talk about how I can support my body with gentle nutrition.

Her resources are easy to follow, her approach holistic, her suggestions reasonable to fit into modern life (no calorie counting, weighing etc!) and recipes were tailored to my taste and so delicious. I have more energy, I eat moderately and feel safer in the knowledge that I am nourishing my body with wholesome food.

I highly recommend, it was a really helpful experience. Thank you Charlotte ! 

Beth, Shropshire, 2018

Knowledge and passion - corporate workshop

I’d like to thank Charlotte for supporting our Menopause Awareness week with an interesting and engaging presentation, the feedback from staff has been very positive.

Charlotte is extremely knowledgeable and it is clear that she is passionate about her work, it has been a pleasure to work with Charlotte and I look forward to working with her in the future.

HM Land Registry Telford, 2017

Holistic approach

Charlotte is so lovely and approachable. She takes a holistic approach to addressing your health concerns by taking account of your lifestyle in general and not just food habits before coming up with a personalised plan to help you achieve your goals.

I have a very busy life at the minute and didn't know where to start. Charlotte helped point me in the right direction and gave me a number of quick and easy meal prep ideas, as well as some simple self-care advise.

It can be so easy to neglect your own health and well-being but Charlotte has really helped me make small but simple changes to my life and I now feel so much better for it. I have more energy and am now actually losing weight in a steady, sustainable way, while eating more food than ever! Thank you Charlotte :)

JoAnn, Shrewsbury, 2017

Sensible and sensitive approach - corporate workshop

Charlotte I wanted to drop you a quick note to say a big thank you for your efforts today.

The team really warmed to your sensible but sensitive approach, it fits in really well with our style of management.

RNLI - Royal National Lifeboat Institution, 2017

Time to talk

After finding Charlotte on the internet, I was drawn to her by her very relaxed smile and knew she would be the right person to help me.

I was not disappointed , from the moment I made contact Charlotte has been amazing she was easy to talk to and she didn't rush at any point during our appointments.

After our appointment Charlotte responded with the plan in the time frame she said she would. I am now working with her to make adjustments to my diet to help me get me to where I feel good again, could not recommend her enough, thank you for your help and support.

KJ, Telford, 2017

Transformation in body and mind

I found Charlotte (something on a plate) during a search for a nutritionist, I needed help to lose weight after trying many different diets.

She has completely transformed my life in a very short space of time, not just in nutrition but mind and body too. She is efficient and very knowledgable and would highly recommend her. I can't thank her enough.

Sandra, Shrewsbury, 2017

Understanding and enjoying food

I have had stomach problems ever since I can really remember, which has made it hard for me loose weight and maintain it and in the process has made me me scared of food.

I have seen doctors, gone for loads of tests and have been given loads of stuff to read, but no one has actually sat down and said this is how it works and this is why you feel the way you do and this is the plan moving forward.

That is until I met Charlotte, she has made it clear for me in a language I understand. I am starting to feel more comfortable around food and starting to loose weight and have a better understanding of food which has made life so much easier, and most of all I'm enjoying food. Thank you Charlotte for helping me find the light at the end of which seemed a very dark tunnel.

Emma, Telford, 2017

Small changes, big differences

After first contacting and meeting with Charlotte it was apparent that food was the key to helping my overall health and wellbeing.

The first meeting was in-depth and non judgemental covering lots of aspects of my lifestyle. I promptly received a plan which immediately made sense. I was advised to make small changes in order to form habits and not to worry if I couldn't manage many changes, in time these will develop and I'm happy to say Charlotte was right!

Months down the line I am still making small changes and these changes have helped me to feel more energised to play with my children, more focused to achieve more at work and more relaxed in down time.

I would wholeheartedly recommend getting in touch with Charlotte for a professional approach to improve your health and wellbeing. I have not looked back.

Martin, Newport, 2017


Thank you for your help and giving me inspiration and the tools to sort myself out. When I have followed the plan I really have felt much better so for that reason alone I try to follow it.

Irene, Telford, 2017

Warmth and openess

I was drawn to read Charlotte’s website having seen her lovely photo. She stood out from the other websites for me firstly with her happy picture, I was intrigued to meet her as her portfolio detailed that she dealt with the a wide range of areas including the ones I needed help with. I was particularly interested in the advice she could give me for symptoms women 50+ experience as having had a surgically induced menopause a few years ago I was still struggling with multiple problems.

At my initial appointment Charlotte asked me lots of questions and listened intently to what I said, this was helpful in itself to be able to tell someone how I felt and what I was experiencing. Charlotte’s reassurance made me feel that my symptoms were normal and I was confident that she could help, I felt very relieved to be listened to and knew by her approach that the plan would be tailored to my individual needs. Charlotte sent the plan to me within a couple of days, this was very detailed but was explained simply and I got to work straight away. My symptoms improved very quickly and I have since had my follow up meeting and Charlotte has tweaked the plan to provide more improvement based on my feedback. I can’t say how important it has been to me to have Charlotte for support and advice, she more that lived up to my expectation of what a Nutritional Therapist could do for me. I am so pleased I chose Charlotte to help me based on initially her happy and sincere disposition which was evident by her photo.

I was pleased to recently receive an e-mail from Charlotte asking me how I was doing. As part of our initial appointment I had explained that I had neglected ‘me’ time and I felt supported by Charlotte‘s helpful advice in relation to this. I replied and explained that I had decided to reduce my working hours and Charlotte responded reminding me to make sure I spent that day doing relaxing things not cleaning house or doing chores saying ‘it’s your day, reclaim it!’ I can’t thank Charlotte enough as she has been so intuitive to my needs and provided a truly holistic approach.

Liz, Brosley, 2016

Ongoing support

Charlotte I would just like to say a big thank you for all your support, knowledge and guidance. I have enjoyed the time I have spent with you. Knowing that you are just at the end of the phone/ e-mail is bliss.

Chris, Shrewsbury, 2016

Accessible plans

Charlotte is a really friendly and professional nutritionist who has helped me transform my relationship with food and diet. She has a great approach to working through everything step by step and in between our sessions was always available to answer questions and provide guidance. I've uncovered so many simple hints and tips to achieve the lifestyle change I desired. I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone!

Niki, Telford, 2016

Obtainable changes

Hi Folks, just a quick review of Charlotte Griffin and her nutrition service, Something On A Plate, which I've used over the past few months; it's all true, unsolicited and as glowing as I now am! I attended the Centre for Integral Health to see Charlotte Griffin, a nutritionist and willowy Zen-like lady, who inspired me from the start - oh, to have her clear eyes, beautiful skin and calm manner.

I'd found her after I'd hit my nutritional nadir which involved largely eating Hula Hoops and drinking endless cups of coffee. My life, in various ways, was in a bit of a tip and nowhere was that more reflected in how little I invested in my own well-being. After initial emails had confirmed the appointment and sent across a meal diary - 'include everything! There is no judgement!' she'd written - we met for our first consultation. She was incredibly receptive and listened to my various tales of woe, writing everything down so that she could see the overall narrative at work. Her questions were perceptive and intelligent and I began to see the holistic angle she takes to her work. Added to that, she really *is* non-judgemental which made it easier for me to be honest as to how I'd neglected my health!

Two days later, a plan came through which, while daunting in some places - quinoa, anyone? - gave me the hope that I could turn things round. Within four days of implementing the plan, my eyes had lost their pall and were becoming brighter. Indeed, as I developed the desire to cook, the recipes began to reveal the delights of healthy eating to me and within a fortnight, I was making totally different choices in the supermarket aisles. My energy started to increase and things which had pestered me politely took their leave, too. Over a month on and I've developed a nascent passion for cooking, waved goodbye to lots of horrible symptoms and most importantly changed the way I feel about myself; food is the most tangible dialogue we have with ourselves and thanks to Charlotte's professional, understanding and warm approach, I've transformed that completely. I wholeheartedly and sincerely recommend her work.

Sarah, Shrewsbury, 2016

Friendly approach

Right from the start Charlotte’s friendly, pragmatic, non-judgemental attitude helped me on my journey to much clearer skin and greater belief in myself! Having both classic hormonal fluctuations and bad skin she devised a nutrition plan that complimented my Drs approach of blood tests etc while also re-educating me about nutrition (without being patronising). She took into account my busy work life and I never felt overwhelmed as I was provided with an essential hand rail of meal/supplement ideas. Charlotte was also quick to reply to my inevitable between session questions. Highly recommended, thank you.

Nat, Shrewsbury, 2015