Througout the year I will be hosting events that are accessible, engaging and relevant to you and the evolving nutrition and health landscape

Women's Nutrition and Wellness Series

Introducing a series of nutrition & wellbeing talks taking place in September 2018 focused on women’s health presented by me, Something on a plate Registered Nutritional Therapist Charlotte Griffin-Jones and special guests.

Attend one, two or all three talks as I navigate through key stages in a woman's life and how we can use evidence based nutrition and lifestyle changes to support our wellbeing during these times.

Planning for Pregnancy

It’s never too soon to plan for pregnancy - we discuss preparing mind and body for pregnancy and the role of lifestyle, food and supplementation to boost conception and additional support through fertility treatment

Pregnancy and Postnatal Care

Key nutrients required for mother and babies development during pregnancy and the role of the gut biome in the future health of the child. Boosting energy levels for the new mother through nutrition and creating awareness of postnatal care including C-Section recovery, diastasis recti and mental health.

The ‘Changing’ Years - Menopause and Beyond

Challenging the taboo of the ‘change’, making sense of changing hormones, the impact emotionally and physically, and how to be best equipped for the Menopause through nutrition, supplements and lifestyle changes.

Future Events

Details on future events including Nourishing the Female Mind and Body and What's all the Fuss About our Microbiome will be live soon. Contact me if you'd like to receive advance notification when these events go live

Event Details

Women's Nutrition and Wellness Series

Location: The Shrewsbury Coffee House, SY1 2AE

Time: 6.30pm - 8.00pm

Dates: September (specific dates to come)

Cost: £15 p/individual talk or book two talks for £25, all attendees will receive a complimentary beverage and talk handouts.

To book: Booking essential as places are limited to provide time for discussion and Q&As, please email [email protected] to reserve your place.