I take a patient centred approach delivering accessible nutrition through 121 consultations, corporate nutrition and Muddy Cwtch


No need for a stopwatch; your consultation will last longer than 5 minutes and we will discuss all your symptoms. I provide consultations from central Shrewsbury and work flexibly to meet clients in the evenings and at weekends in surrounding Shropshire.

Before you come to your consultation you will complete a confidential questionnaire and 3-day food diary. During the initial 1.5hr session, a thorough case history is taken to build up a detailed picture of your health. I will provide you with an individualised programme that addresses any dietary imbalances and nutrient deficiencies amongst many other things that may be contributing to your symptoms - a plan that will fit practically into your lifestyle. It is then recommended that you come for a follow up appointment (45 minutes) in around 6-8 weeks time to assess your progress and make any adjustments, from one to three follow ups are normally required depending on the individual case.

Most important - you will leave having been listened to, with a greater belief in how accessible good nutrition actually is and will feel empowered to make better decisions around the food you eat.

Over a month on and I've developed a nascent passion for cooking, waved goodbye to lots of horrible symptoms and most importantly changed the way I feel about myself; food is the most tangible dialogue we have with ourselves and thanks to Charlotte's professional, understanding and warm approach, I've transformed that completely. I wholeheartedly and sincerely recommend her work.

S, Shrewsbury

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Corporate Nutrition

Never has the emphasis on employee wellbeing been so vital as it is today to ensure a healthy, happy and engaged workforce, that also reflects well on the employer in terms of employee retainment and recruitment. We work more hours than our European counterparts so it really is for the workplace to take more responsibility for the wellbeing of their employees. I provide a number of services to help businesses from nutritional seminars, working with catering teams to develop nutritious menus and attending wellbeing events. Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements for your employees in more details.

Workshops are also relevant for groups of friends or family wishing to understand more around a particular subject. Examples of topics could be achieving optimum health for pregnancy, addressing a diabetes diagnosis in the family or nutritional support for weight loss.

Muddy Cwtch

A Muddy Cwtch ride is for those who like good food, good company and want to give mountain biking a go for the first time, or as an experienced rider - find some new trails and experience the immense single tracks of Shropshire. The food on a Muddy Cwtch ride is the fuel for the journey - tasty, satisfying and nutritionally sound. I've given lots of thought to what breakfast will get you out of bed and up a hill, what lunch and snacks will keep you energised, focused and sustained and finally, what food will help you recover quickly and efficiently. We offer day rides and Weekenders staying in local accommodation.

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Fee Structure

  • Consultation:
  • Initial consultation: £65 - 90 minutes

    Follow-up consultations: £45 - 45 minutes

    Pre-book an initial and follow up consultation: £100 - Paying in advance for your follow up is often a good route to encourage you to have a goal to work towards

  • Corporate Workshops:
  • Get in touch to discuss your requirements in more detail and I will formulate a plan and provide costings